The Simplest Java GUI Builder

GuiGenie is a new and free Gui Builder for Java (and written in Java). GuiGenie features an intuitive interface that allows you to quickly and easily build GUIs using the Java swing package.

When I developed GuiGenie, my aim was (and will always be) to provide the simplest yet a complete Gui Builder. If you are wondering what to expect from GuiGenie, expect Simplicity! Check the "Why GuiGenie?" section for more information...

GuiGenie is still in its early stages of development. I'll be pleased if you go to the "contact me" section, get my email and send me suggestions about new features you would like to have in future releases of GuiGenie.

This is the first Non-Beta release of GuiGenie. Go to the "Download" section, check it out and let me know what you think.

Why GuiGenie?

The main reason behind developing GuiGenie is to create a very simple Java GUI Builder. I love to keep everything simple and I hate to see hundreds of useless options.

If you are a beginner, you'll like GuiGenie; you'll get to experiment with widgets and layouts without worrying about advanced features of the Swing package. You'll get everything you need to develop solid GUI applications.

If you are an advanced Java programmer, you might use GuiGenie as a draft for your GUIs. I did it many times. I even used GuiGenie to create some menus and panels in GuiGenie itself.

If you need a sophisticated, fully featured GUI builder then GuiGenie is not for you. You might want to try other (mainly commercial) GUI builders.


You need to have Java 1.4.0 or newer installed on your system. You can get Java from

GuiGenie version 1.0.0
For all systems (193 kb):
For windows (276 kb): guigenie100-setup.exe


GuiGenie's main window GuiGenie's main window

Creating a new GuiGenie project Creating a new GuiGenie project

Editing the GUI Editing the GUI

Viewing the generated GUI code Viewing the generated GUI code

Contact me

If you want to report a bug, a suggestion or have any comment feel free to contact me anytime by using the contact info on

In case you are reporting a bug please include in your email the following information:

  • Operating system name and version
  • Java virtual machine vendor and version
  • GuiGenie version
  • The sequence of events that lead to the bug

Note: Please include the word GuiGenie in the email subject. If you don't, I might not get a chance to look at your email.